A Sense Of Scale In VR

Sense of Scale

A sense of scale is the ability to tell the size and distance of an object in relation to oneself, given a visual representation.

Sense of Scale?

Size? Distance?

Scale in 2D

Conveying Scale

  • Familiar objects
  • Relative size
  • Parallax


Parallax is the relative movement of objects as a result of a change in point of view



  • Familiar objects - assumes normal size
  • Relative size - assumes at same distance
  • Parallax - assumes objects are stationary

Scale in Real Life



  • Vergence - assumes a fixed distance between the eyes

Interpupilary Distance

Interpupilary distance, or IPD for short, is the distance between the pupils of your eyes.

Interpupilary Distance

  • Real IPD
  • Virtual IPD

Scale in VR

Virtual IPD

This parameter is now back in the hands of the artist

Scaling or Vergence?


Experimenting in Tuscany

  • Scaled Virtual IPD
  • Player height
  • Neck model parameters
  • Player speed

Warning and Conclusion

  • Dynamic scaling causes eye strain!
  • New phenomenon


Author : Alexander Kondratskiy

Website : “KholdCode” - kholdstare.github.io